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Welcome Home
  We welcome you to Preparing the Way of the Lord International Ministries or PWL Ministries, a Ministry built on the foundation of Jesus Christ, and operated in the Spirit of Excellence, and Love! Are You Tired of just going to Church, and not receiving any Understanding? Need a place of Worship that is going to challenge you to "Grow" with Leaps and Bounds? Then look no further this is a Ministry for everyone, a Ministry where you can come and reach higher heights and deeper depths in God's Word! This is not your average Sabbathkeeping church. We believe as Jesus taught it is Lawful to do Good on the Sabbath!
We have a host of ministries at PWL International Ministries that you can participate in from hospitality, to mens and womens ministry. We also have a Transformation Support Group with over 30 yrs of experience,to help you get past those hidden obstacles that seem impassable in life; and don't worry everything is confidential in our support group, mums the word.
We hope to See you Again! Check back later for "New" Updatesto our Website.... There's much more to come ! ! !
Moving Forward "Ricardo Sanchez"
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